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imageAnyone else out there who used to read Fiberarts magazine? I did. Even though some of the art covered was really “out there” to me, I still enjoyed reading/seeing everything and have missed it since it stopped publishing. imageThere’s another magazine that’s stepping up: Fiber Art Now. I bit the bullet and subscribed today. When the link is followed, you can click on the Premier Issue and see the table of contents.


I have also been thinking about joining Surface Design Association. Done! And it only took about three years to finally get it done. I have always enjoyed their journal, which I could sometimes find on the newsstand at Borders (Gosh, I miss them!). Even though I don’t “do” surface design, the journal pages were nearly always inspirational.

3 thoughts on “Magazines and organizations

  1. Donna Kallner...

    Sherri, I finally joined SDA a couple of years ago and am so glad I did. The conference in Minneapolis was a fabulous experience. Next time it’s in San Antonio — might see you there!

  2. Rebecca Mezoff

    I would love to hear what you think about the new Fiber Art Now magazine. I will also eventually subscribe as I miss FiberArts. I have also considered the SDA membership but haven’t done it yet. Perhaps you will inspire me to join up.


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