Daybreak Deep-WaterI’m looking at my home page, which has the latest news from NY Times, then flip over to the Style section. There’s an article about a collector of camp blankets, antique and new. Never knew these blankets were known as camp blankets, but I’m sure my knowledge is lacking in many other areas also. The collector is Tyler Has, who is a designer of high-end furniture. Take a look at the website—I really like the arrows they use to navigate from page to page. And the furniture is nice too! I’m partial to the Nude rug. A couple of makers of blankets were linked in the article. Who wouldn’t like a blanket from Warped and Wonderful? The other is from a farm in Connecticut that has pictures of sheep being sheared. So, why, one might ask, are there pictures of tapestries on the page and not blankets. Those two pieces shown above have found a new home. I haven’t woven anything like blankets in a really long time, but the one that I did weave was really quite attractive. Wish I had a picture of it.

2 thoughts on “Blankets

  1. sallyrae

    Love those weavings! I have a blanket from my childhood that is the weirdest pink and brown kind of indian style, but cotton. It graces and protects my loom in the house. How nice to see an article about blankets.


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