Blues Interrupted is going to a new home on Monday, and it needed a new board for hanging.

Tool-BagDuring the summer when I was madly finishing five pieces (I know, I know), I decided to gather everything together for the last step before a piece goes out the door. The cans of flat black paint are used to paint the hanging board. Also in the bag is a jigsaw for cutting the boards, a small portable drill that is dedicated, so that I don’t have to switch out bits for any other jobs, and an inexpensive sander for sanding the newly cut ends and the area around the new holes. In the various pockets is a charging device for the drill, screws, and most importantly, directions for the sander. The order sending the piece to its new home:

  • cut board to size
  • measure/mark for screw holes
  • drill holes
  • sand ends and area around newly drilled holes
  • take board outside and spray paint one side
  • spray other side after it has driec
  • staple Velcro onto board (unless using the self-stick kind)
  • put screws, prepared hanging board, and hanging directions inside tube
  • roll piece onto tube
  • cut plastic to fit and put the whole package in the plastic
  • close ends of bag
  • deliver to new owner! Yeah!

Thanks to my new tool bag, this process went so smoothly this time.

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