Cold inside and out

This is a “critter” my son made. Yarn Guardian now guards the small amounts of yarn that hang in baskets in the studio. There are three baskets here, and YG sits in the uppermost one. More leftover butterflies are in the bottom basket. I have also filled huge clear vases with butterflies.

I tried working for a while today, but have a cold and finally gave up. Took a nap instead and will go to bed very early tonight. I’m trying some of that stuff that’s advertised on TV—Zicam. So far seems to be helping. My feelings are that if even a placebo makes you feel better, so be it. Here’s the Wikepedia entry. Of course, after reading this entry, maybe it’s not so good if loss of smell is a possibility.

The roofing has been postponed until Monday, so no alarm for tomorrow.

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