Color Gradations

Double Triangles (Private Collection)Gradations (Private Collection)imageThe top two pictures are pieces that are based on gradations of color. I’ve been doing some playing with gradations and Color Schemer, using the snip tool to make little pictures of each possibility. The one above is purely gratuitous and does not fit in with the rest, but I like the middle colors. Sometimes the colors achieved in going from one color to the next are not exactly wonderful. Below are some ideas, starting with a pale yellow and moving all the way to the same yellow again. Maybe a total of four pieces? A big dyeing project but doable. I would have liked to put these side by side, but Blogger doesn’t like that, so here they are parading from top to bottom. Is there a favorite?CaptureCapture2Capture3imageimageToday is warping day. I am hoping that I can replace the counter that came on the warping wheel with one that I got from Grainger’s. If not, I will have to see if my brain will cooperate and keep up with the revolutions of the wheel. I couldn’t seem to keep up with the revolutions of the warp beam, which was the whole purpose of getting the wheel. A conundrum!

2 thoughts on “Color Gradations

  1. nan16

    You know I love the upper left hand weaving very much. The bottom color swatch is pretty interesting I think. An unusual mix of colors that is intrigueing (I don’t think that’s spelled right).

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I’m glad you still like that one! Me too.

    I like that bottom color combination, too. I’m somewhat concerned about the taupey colors in the middle, but may give it a shot. I also like the NEXT to bottom sample.


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