The inspiration from lines and old tapestries

I may actually finish the ikat piece after about a week of weaving. Not all has gone as planned: warp is scarce, and the last weft color that I intended to use is also scarce. Rather than dye more, I think we’ll just have an asymmetrical piece. I have also made a decision about warp to use. I have several tubes of 12/9 Swedish cotton that I will use double for my usual sett of 4 epi. But by using this double, if I wanted to I could spread it out and weave at 6 or 8 epi. Now I will know if I like using this warp or want to continue to use the 4-ply wool rug warp. Instead of my 35 usual warp, this warp will be about 13 yards.

Now for the tapestry part of this post:


… for the first time since 1983, the Vatican hung the tapestries on the walls of the Sistine Chapel where they are thought to have originally been located

This came via Twitter and @weavespindye. The article can be found here. I am going to have to search for a better picture/s. More information about the tapestries can be found here.

A few weeks (months?) ago I mentioned bridges and how much the lines in them inspire me. Here’s some more pictures that I found thanks to Suzanne Paquette. Here are pictures of the Shanghai Expo, via Notice the woven material that is structure is made of. There are many images with interesting lines here. Love it.image image

A worker carries a construction material in front of the Spanish Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo site Monday, March 8, 2010 in Shanghai. (AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

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One thought on “The inspiration from lines and old tapestries

  1. nan16

    All these colors are terrific together. I hadn’t heard or seen the Sistine Chapel tapestries, when we were there the walls were bare. Too bad. I would love to see them. Maybe next year.


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