Color Scheming


 Guitar on a Table, Pablo Picasso, 1920, The Menil Collection, Houston

Several years ago I bought a downloadable program called Color Schemer. One of the things that I like about this program, is that I can import a photo, and it chooses colors from that picture. You can decide if you want 4 colors or 10 colors, and all the numbers in between. I am planning on weaving a piece in the future with blacks and browns. When I saw this Picasso at the Kimbell exhibit, I immediately noticed the colors, and wondered about including some blue in my piece. Using Color Schemer, I picked various colors from the picture.

PicassoColors  PicassoColors2




I am still undecided about what colors will ultimately be chosen, but this program is fun! There are other programs that one can use online, but I like having this one at my disposal all the time. It also gives you the color codes for RGB, CMYK, and maybe others that I know nothing about. But I can take those codes and use them in another program to get the colors I want to play around with, like, for instance, Photoshop. By the way, I love the Snip tool that is included in the Windows Accessories. That’s how these little “snips” came to be. Thanks, Lynn, for reminding me about that tool.

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