Museum Visit

After a morning of appointments and errands, we went to the Kimbell Art Museum to see their current exhibit. This is an exhibit of selected art from collectors in Texas. It was organized in order of period; going from room to room and moving forward in time. I found myself looking with more interest at the Impressionist era after reading The Swan Thieves. After reading about brush strokes and the style of the Impressionists, I was paying more attention and looking closely at brush strokes. As I strolled through the exhibit, I got out my small Moleskin notebook and made some notes about any of the paintings that drew my attention more than others.

Maurice de Vlaminck, Barges in Chatou, 1905

In person, the colors of this painting were very impressive.

I noted what detail attracted my attention, in many cases it was color. In some cases it was both color and design—my this time I was in the more modern period of Picasso, Mondrian, and others. The above is a Vlaminck painting of barges. I loved the color, not so much the actual painting. One of Monet’s Water Lilies is in the exhibit (how do they keep track of all of them?). This was a 1916 version with lots of blues, greens, violets and spots of orange. And, again, the brush strokes!

Guido Reni, Saint Joseph and the Christ Child, 1618-40

This seventeenth century Italian painting, by Guido Reni, was one of my favorites. I don’t usually gravitate toward this period of art, so my visceral reaction to this painting was a surprise to me. The look in both their faces, the lighting, the tenderness depicted—all was so apparent. Naturally, an online picture does nothing to portray the magnificence of any painting.

After completing the tour, I ended up buying the catalogue, something I rarely do. Now if I could squeeze in some design time while the inspiration iron is hot! I’m really looking forward to my workshop this month at the Kimbell.

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