Deciding what part to weave

Sometimes I doodle around in my sketchbook and come up with an idea for weaving, but it may be too large or I may not really like the whole thing, but do like a small section. Sometimes there may be a photograph that has an element to incorporate into a weaving. I thought about this when I ready something posted on the Tapestry 2005 Yahoo group about using a frame to decide on what to weave. I do the same think but it’s not a frame. I bought as inexpensive piece of precut matting as I could find and cut it into to L-shaped pieces like the ones below. Mine are white, but of course, white wouldn’t show up here. With two pieces I can slide them around to different sizes, overlap them if necessary, and am not even limited to a rectangle or square.

Framing On Elaine Duncan’s website, you can see her process of deciding which section of a photograph to weave. The link to the complete post is here. Elaine is working on a small- format series of tapestries called Art in Nature on her small copper loom. Of course, the Mirrix would take the place of the copper loom for me. While you’re there, take a look at Elaine’s tapestries. They’re gorgeous!

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