I always think about color, probably constantly. Combinations that I like, colors to weave, a striking photograph. The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth posted this on their Facebook page. Now, the blurb is not what caught my attention, of course; it was the PURPLE!

Based on the classic book, these adventures star Harold, an inventive and curious toddler with thoughts, desires and feelings typical of any child his age.Purple-Crayon

Color Schemer

ColorSchemer2Color wheels are ubiquitous. Most of us have used them. Many have studied color theory extensively. I have to admit that I have not had that opportunity and often I regret that. However, as a friend of mine said, every time she thinks about color too much, she doesn’t like what she’s done. I have those same feelings and much prefer to go by my gut, or more politely, instinct. Or maybe just call it going by the seat of my pants. That is a saying, right? That’s not to say that I don’t use color tools. I do. I’ve mentioned my favorite computer program before, Color Schemer. With this program, one can take a photograph and find the colors in the picture. One has the ability to choose a different area if the color shown isn’t quite right. I know there are online programs, but this is the one I like and use. In fact, Color Schemer has an online version also, but I’m not sure if it’s as full-featured as the one on my hard drive.

Color-Star I also like Itten’s Color Star, even though Color Schemer does all the same things. With the Color Star, I can be seated at my design table and pull up some Color-Aid papers to go with combinations on the Color Star. But whatever the Color Star shows, and whatever Color-Aid papers are pulled out, the “gut” still rules. By the way, Color-Aid papers, which have color screen printed on them, are NOT inexpensive, and it used to be that they were difficult to fine. May art suppliers like Ultrecht have them, and I noticed that even Amazon carries a set.

image What made me start thinking about color is this blog post about purple and orange—maybe because I love those colors also? The above color combination came from Terri Stegmiller’s blog post.

Since I keep finding more stuff with color I love, this will have to continue to another day.

In the ikat-tying world—Color is a little iffy. That is it never exactly turns out as anticipated. More about that later, also.

In my Mirrix-weaving world—Color is determined by the butterflies and other leftover hand-dyed yarns, which also affects what I weave.

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