Designing and a little aboriginal art

Zig Zag III (Private Collection)Zig Zag II (Private Collection)


Zig Zag I (Private Collection)I am straining my brain right now with an online class by Lisa Call called Working in a Series. Yesterday, while waiting for the oil change in my car to be done, I made a list of possible series themes. Some of these have been in my head for years, but I haven’t thought of a way to really do them yet. All would be done in an abstract way, not pictorial. I think I accidentally did a very small series seen in the pictures above.

  • clouds
  • earth from above-this one really talks to me
  • light (sunsets, etc)
  • city skylines
  • waves
  • spirals
  • wind maps
  • weather radar

I’ve been obsessed with clouds for a couple of years, but can’t yet see how to tackle that subject. Maybe this should be the time????

I could challenge myself even further and only make designs that can be completed in weft-faced ikat.

I saw a reference to this exhibit of aboriginal Australian art. It’s at the Hood Museum of Art. What gets your attention when you see several thumbnails? For me, it’s color first and then the graphic qualities of the image.

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