imageimageThere’s a fire building up inside me, the itch to pick up a pencil and start doing some designing. As I’m weaving the swirly piece, I’m thinking of other ways to use swirls in a geode kind of way with more muted colors. I’m also thinking of the fires that are burning across Texas and our native prairie grasses. Maybe a way to combine those two ideas. Sometimes I pick up that pencil and start drawing and everything looks awful. Months later I might start flipping through my sketchbook and realized that the awful drawing has possibilities. I also have a folder in my computer photos section of pictures or graphics that I run across, that may eventually become something else.

I am also beginning to think that it’s time to reclaim my dining room table, which is currently a mound of estate papers. Unfortunately, that would mean that sorting and file folders would be necessary. Maybe some mindless TV and a stack of folders in the evenings for a while would take care of the mountain. Thinking about it…

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