The new Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot arrived and the picture on the front cover immediately caught my attention. This piece is called Fig Leaf by Emily DuBois. Woven in 2008, the blurb about this piece further states “cotton, stainless steel, acrylic, twill and sateen woven.” Wow! So many possibilities, so little time. I say that after a night of no sleep, when I know that a nap will be calling out to me this afternoon, especially since we are scheduled to get some rain today. Not much better than a rainy day nap.

The exhibit is hung in its new venue and looks really good—maybe some pics tomorrow. Since the Doss Heritage and Culture Center is just that—a heritage and cultura center, they have a mandate for education. To that end, we have a borrowed a folding Macomber loom and it is in the center of the loom. Yesterday I went over to put a warp on the loom. one that I made years ago, still in its original state straight off the warping mill, hanging out in a plastic bag. Hmmm….first of all, the reed on the loom is a 10-dent, and the warp is of cotton rug warp. Probably not the best choice for a reed, right? And, since I don’t warp often, this one is going to take FOREVER to finish! At least I still like the colors of the warp.

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