Fun, fun, fun!

It has been so much fun weaving the second “swirl” piece! It’s surprising to me how much fun this has been, but it’s almost finished. Probably just another inch or so until I decide it’s time, based on how much yarn is left and a stopping point. In trying to analyze why I am enjoying this so much, it boils down to a couple of reasons:

  • I have to actively think about yarn placement with each group of yarns
  • I love the colors, and as always, the little imperfections in hand-dyed yarns fascinate me

I hope to cut off tomorrow, but first plan to make myself get some housework done. Every time I dawdle about doing chores, I can hear the adult sitting on my shoulders, telling me that if I’d just get to work and stop wasting time, I’d be finished in no time. And I really need to get outside for the chores that await me there.

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