Division of labor and finally accepting myself

imageWith all the finish work that needed to get done—I found seven unfinished pieces!—the plan was to work in the studio weaving part of the day and work on the finishing part of the day. For some reason, that just doesn’t work for me, and it’s probably time to just accept that. I found that I had to just do all the finishing, which included the following:

  • needle weaving ends or hemming
  • steaming and pressing
  • cutting cardboard tubes to fit
  • pressing the hems on the muslin wrappers
  • sewing the hems on the muslin wrappers
  • sewing twill tape ties to wrappers
  • printing labels for wrappers
  • using the sticky stuff to iron on labels
  • rolling everything up in a neat, wrapped-in-muslin package

By the way, the wrappers are done differently, so they no longer look like a piece of candy with the twisted papers on the end. The extra muslin is folded over so that there is not excess on the end. By the way #2—I bought 48” long tubes, thinking they could easily be cut. Storage is an issue. After cutting 5 of these tubes, maybe it’s time to get a shorter size????

They are ready to go to the photographer, after which I will experiment with my camera and photograph them again. That is, five pieces are ready. The other two will just have to wait their turn.

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