Tools and stuff

imageWhile doing all the finishing of pieces this week, I decided—again—that I needed a tool box to keep everything together in one spot. I have a “dedicated” inexpensive drill so that I don’t have to find the correct drill bit for the screw holes in the hanging boards. I bought an inexpensive sander since I don’t seem to be able to cut the boards to size very well. (I thought it might be a little over the top to buy a table saw for these projects. Besides it won’t fit into the tool bag.) My little jigsaw fits into the bag. If there’s room, I’ll even store the Velcro and whatever else I can get in there.

A correction to a comment I made last week. I am basically a rug weaver, but nobody will put them on the floor. So, when I started making some smaller pieces, I made those to be hemmed, but continued to needle weave the warp ends in on the larger pieces. As I was doing the needle weaving chore on a couple of pieces last week, it hit me—these two will probably never go on a floor because of their awkward size! Oh, well…’s done now.

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