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I love books and have a lot of them. I also have a Kindle that was given to me for Christmas several years ago. And then there’s the iPad that I bought a couple of months ago.image

The Kindle is great for traveling because you can take lots of books with you in little space. If you finish what you have, it’s easy to get another. At the time I received my it, the Kindle versions of new books were cheaper than the regular printed versions. They’re not now. And the fact that you could easily get a new book on the Kindle could also be considered a disadvantage for some of us. However, there were reference books that I wanted, that came in a Kindle version, but the lack of color was a definite drawback. Then the iPad came into my life.image

Although for regular reading, the Kindle is easier on my eyes, the iPad has other advantages. I love the fact that I can download a PDF or reference book in color. Then I can take that book to wherever I am working and follow directions at that location. The directions for warping the Mirrix come to mind—since I don’t do it often, I need directions. I also got a book about operating my smarter-than-I-am Nikon. It is so easy to look up exactly what I need and a touch takes me there.

I am grieving the closing of one of my favorite bookstores, Borders. Before they started to have financial difficulties, Borders was where I could find more esoteric books that I could not find and B & N. I was in Borders so often that the employees were like friends. I like books, but I also like to look at books before I buy them. It’s not the same, but with Kindle books, you can get a sample of the book to look at before buying. And for a little bit of trivia: I was always tempted to put an apostrophe before the s in Borders before I read that the couple who founded the chain was named Borders.

E-mags next…

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