Do you Pinterest?

A couple of weeks ago on Facebook, I stated that I just didn’t get Pinterest. Janice Zindel of Shuttle Works Studio Lisa’s work is arranged by color, and maybe that is something that I would want to do also. In the back of my mind is the problem of my portfolio page on my website—it needs to be organized in some way. I have these internal conversations with myself about the best way to do this, but haven’t arrived at a solution yet. Ideas anyone?


Now, when I log on to Pinterest, a very colorful page awaits. I’m not sure if that’s what everyone gets, or just me. But each image is of multicolored objects, ranging from colored Rice Krispies bars to hair to crayons.

You can see how Weaving Southwest organized their boards here. I do have a presence there, although it’s very small.

A problem with Pinterest is that by agreeing to their terms during the registration process, you are giving them the following:

By making available any Member Content through the Site, Application or Services, you hereby grant to Cold Brew Labs a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free license, with the right to sublicense, to use, copy, adapt, modify, distribute, license, sell, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit, stream, broadcast, access, view, and otherwise exploit such Member Content only on, through or by means of the Site, Application or Services.

I don’t like this. It’s a huge hurdle to jump. Maybe my biggest obstacle is what I’ve heard from others about how they’re addicted to Pinterest. What do you think?

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