Treasure hunting


Indigo vats in garbage cans, kiddie pools ready for rinsing fabric.FloridaIndigo2The organizing is continuing around here. It was pretty exciting last week, relatively speaking. Found in the mounds of stuff in a closet:

  • Pictures of an indigo dyeing workshop with John Marshall—do you know how many times I’ve wondered where those were?
  • Program from a classical guitar society concert (year unknown) complete with my notes on the weave structure of the jacket on the woman sitting in front of me.
  • List of addresses of participants in the Rachel Brown dyeing workshop from around 1983.
  • Boarding passes from the family vacation to London, also in the 80s. Boy, was flying a lot different then!

Florida_JohnMarshallDyed fabric ready to dry on the line or on the grassFlorida_fabric

  • Booklet on infant care published by the government from 1926—maybe my grandmother’s?
  • Boarding passes and hotel receipts (also around ‘84) from a trip to Oaxaca.

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