Dreary, misty, cold …

… equals a perfect day for weaving.  I did a few things on the to-do list and ignored the rest.  The fire in the woodburning stove is going, and many inches have been woven today.  I hope to get to the part where the tapestry starts by the end of the day.  My focus is not great, but I do feel rested finally.  Two naps yesterday and an early night did the trick.  Tomorrow may mean more dreary weaving weather and a few more things from the list.  At some point I really do have to call a plumber for the kitchen sink.DesignKit2DesignKit1I went to the art supply store today to buy a few things for my grandson.  He’s a pretty good little artist, so I got a set of graphite pencils, good sharpener, eraser, and a sketchbook.  He may be too young for the pencils, but he wants a “real” compass.  Thought I’d make him what I call a design kit.  In my design kit, I keep a protractor, pencils, sharpener, compass, rulers, scissors, and whatever other stuff I may need.  Since I can roll it up, I carry it with me when I travel—you can never tell when the muse will visit.  Beck was really fascinated with the compass, so I have warned his mother that it a sharp point.  Now, the younger one is playing the piano.  Wonder how his parents would feel about a harmonica—with instructions for play the blues, of course!  

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