Strange Object and Seed Balls

Yesterday there was a strange yellow object in the sky—at least briefly.  Wonderful to see the sun even if only for a few minutes.  I need that boost to my energy.

Work in progress—Wish there were some interesting pictures to post, but so far it’s pretty much only solid colors.  I did start the tapestry section yesterday, so perhaps tomorrow I can take a picture of the WIP.  The afternoon was spent making phone calls and doing errands.  Why do I postpone those phone calls?  I’m really just not a phone call kind of person.  Don’t even chat much on the phone.

Today will be a fun day.  Having a little luncheon with a small group of friends, and, boy, do I need it!  I offered to bring the wine, but since I don’t drink wine, it was thought that bringing bread would be better.  Now what goes with potato/leek soup? 

My plan had been taking some small little something for Christmas gifts, but real life interfered, so maybe a New Year’s gift?  Or a Just Because gift?  image

I’m still going to make seed balls, even if it’s late in the season.  I read about urban seed ballers.  You casually throw out the seed balls of wildflowers onto vacant lots and watch for the wildflowers in the spring and summer.  Can’t you imagine the blooms amidst the piles of trash?  Love it!

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