Wrong colors, way too olive-y, probably attributable to the golden yellow dye.


I made up some 1% solution for the three colors I’m going to try this go-round. I usually dye with the powders, but some of my numbers were coming up in the hundredths of a gram. Even the triple beam won’t do that! I like 2 out of the 5 colors I’m working on.

Stage West

The theater decided it needed to repaint the wall where my pieces will hang rather than repair it. And, no, they are not changing the color. A short reprieve from that chore/pleasure. I’m thinking of using the method of a friend and lashing a stainless steel rod about an inch from the top of the piece, and hanging with the rod. Guess I should experiment with that.

Don’t read this if you don’t want to hear anything else about politics

Here’s a blog that I find both amusing and interesting: http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/.
Beware that some people may be offended by the political stance, but I think her January 20 post is right on. But, again, I don’t know why we can’t have different opinions and still be friends. I generally avoid political and religious discussions because there’s so little point. No one’s opinion is going to be changed, and folks just get over excited.

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