Okay…I Give Up

I’m going to stop trying to get the correct shades of yarn for now. I looked at the ProChem site today, and ordered some WashFast Acid dyes. I know lots of people use them, but I’ve never seen the need to change from using my Sabraset/Lanaset dyes before. I ordered some colors that might work, but I’ll believe it when I see it! For now, I’m going to work on hanging the pieces at Stage West and start another weaving project. Tomorrow I will buy a new level (maybe laser?) and some stainless steel rods from Discount Steel. Those guys were really helpful when I went out there before. They cater to the small user of metal, folks like you and me. They took me around in the warehouse and showed me “stuff.” I have been wanting to get some galvanized sheet metal to cover the countertops in my dye studio. All I have to do is measure, and they will fold the edges over so that I can nail it down.

Now, about all those dyed skeins of yarn that I’ve been dyeing the wrong colors…I’ve been wondering what would happen if I took them and redyed them with the same color…like turquoise, maybe?

So, it’s time to tie a warp back on that loom and get busy weaving.

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