Taking a Break …

… when I should really be working. All I really want to do is take a nap. It’s cold, we’ve got freezing rain, and it’s not going to get warmer for a couple of days. Ideal time to get work done, right? My electricity was off for 5 1/2 hours yesterday. And since it was so cloudy and dreary, I couldn’t see to do much work. Tried one of those headlamps, but the band around my head gives me a headache. Never could wear headbands when they were in style. I’m really hoping that this freezing rain/ice/sleet doesn’t get thick on the electrical wires and cause power outages.

I was supposed to hang my pieces at Stage West today, but with the streets like they are …. well, I DO live in Texas, and we’re not used to this stuff! The play opens Thursday, and I’ll be hanging my work that morning. Nothing like last minute.

Finishing up

Ordered the new dyes from ProChem on Sunday–got an email that they will arrive Thursday. Great! Very efficient. Today I’m lashing the rods onto two pieces, one of which is in the steaming process right now.


I am planning on tying the warp on the front today in preparation for weaving tomorrow. Not completely sure where I’ll start, but have a few ideas. Yesterday I went to Kinko’s and made some copies and had an enlargement made. It’s of a preColumbian fish that I want to do someday. Maybe I had better decide on what I’m going to be weaving before tying on that warp. At least there’s a nice fire going in the studio. Makes it all better.

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