Dyeing and weaving, weaving and dyeing

Violet to scarlet

I’ve always said, that in an ideal world, the dyeing for the next project would be happening as the current project is being woven. Wow! That’s exactly what’s happening right now! I actually can’t believe it myself. Above are part of the series of gradations that I’m working on. they go from violet to scarlet. Then the next batch will go from scarlet to orange. With the orange, I am going to experiment with dyeing in lighter shades. Usually a dye formula is based on 1% of weight of goods, so these will have dyeing at 3/4 and 1/2 of that amount. They may turn out totally ugly, but they can always be overdyed.

I’ve also done something totally sacrilegious. Usually I soak the yarns in detergent, spin them out in the washer, and throw them in the dyepot. I am dyeing the current batch by throwing them in dry! So far, they look good. I am taking care to heat the yarns VERY slowly, using a timer to check on the every 30 minutes. These yarns are singles and not what I usually use, so they are kind of kinky in their natural state. They will weave up just fine, though.

Here’s the current project on the loom.

Green square in progress

I’m having fun weaving this because the colors are so engaging. Plus, I’m still listening to the Larsson book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. It’s also very engaging. My only complaint is that my non-Swedish-speaking brain has trouble keeping up with all the characters. Their names seem very similar sometimes.


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  1. nan16

    Wow, green! I hardly ever see green anymore and it’s lovely. One of my favorite colors. I wonder how I can incorporate green into my palette in my house. I have every other color except green.

    I don’t blame you for not getting involved in the discussion about the mosque, etc. in NYC but I’ve read that the mosque was already there. Now they are adding a community center. Would be nice to keep all regligous affiliations away from that area. Possible? probably not. I think it’s a done deal.


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