New Vocabulary

While listening to The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg  Larsson, I heard a new word—new to me at least. Gynocracy. In describing various myths (or information) about what is called the Amazon warrior women, this word was used. No dictionary is necessary to discern meaning, but I was curious about when this word has been used in the English language. Not many references, but here’s one.  And the Amazons are discussed here. Interesting that this came up on the same day that there was a piece on the Today Show about Timbuktu, in which it was stated that the men, not women, keep their faces covered in this matrilineal society, even though it’s a Muslim society. Very interesting.

In reference to nothing whatsoever, I liked the painting below, probably because it’s so simple and something similar could be done with weaving. And, oh yes, the color. While a friend and I were going through my hand-dyed yarns, we noticed that red and all its many forms predominates. Hmm….Do I even want to know what that indicates????imageClyfford Still, 1955-d, Ph-387, 1955. Oil on canvas, 117 1/2 x 111 inches (298.4 x 281.9 cm). Photo: Courtesy Gagosian Gallery.

More about the exhibition can be seen here.

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