Dying to Dye

This has been a productive week for me. I’ve dyed 20 skeins this week. That works out to 10 pounds of yarn. Colors range from violet to scarlet to oranges to golden yellows. I’ll be dyeing shades of blue next-nine shades from turquoise to a really, really deep royal blue. That will complete all of the skeins that I have on hand. I’ll be making the next ones on my adapted horizontal warping reel/skein maker. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find someone to make a real skein winder for me. Using the warping mill has disadvantages. I have to completely take the reel off its stand in order to remove the skeins. But I am able to count the number of revolutions so that I have a rough idea of how many yards there are in a skein.

I’m also measuring and tying off a violet yarn for the ikat portion in my next piece. After it’s tied in the pattern with the ikat tape, it will be overdyed with blue. Then I’ll be ready to weave, finally! I’m really looking forward to getting started. The ikat part has to be done first because quite frequently the width of the piece has to be adjusted to fit the ikat yarn.

I’m also excited about some design possibilities using Photoshop or Canvas to manipulate photos to either transform them in some way or to just get colors from the photo to use in a piece. We live in a wonderful world!

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