Weaving finally!

I’ve been weaving what I call my optical illusion piece–bars in gradations of blue from a turquoise-y blue to a deep, deep royal blue on a background of black. Each bar is a different length, so that the bars make a shape that appears to curve. (The drawing I did in Canvas is on the left.) While weaving this one, I’ve been thinking about using the same concept to make other shapes appear. Off to the computer! I love my Canvas 11 program. I can make a design and experiment with colors without having to erase my colored pencils. Before I start weaving though, I still draw the design on graph paper and make all my notes to use during the weaving process. When the project is finished, I put the design sheet and samples of the yarn colors, along with a picture in a plastic sheet protector. Those notes have come in handy for commissions.

I’ve made the dye sheets for new dye projects. These will be some greens for a commission. I don’t usually use much green, so I’m dyeing extra skeins. Maybe that will entice me to use more green! I’m looking forward to this commission piece, which will be a series of nesting squares in bright colors.

While the dyepots are going, I plan to mow the yard. Then treat fireants. They are really prolific this year. I’m using organic methods, but tomorrow I’m going to use some Sweet and Low sweetner on a mound. I read that it’s pretty effective. Then, since it IS a holiday, maybe we’ll take in a movie in the afternoon.

It’s supposed to cool off a little by Wednesday, so I plan to work on cleaning out the room which will become the dye studio. The new propane stove I bought should be much better than what I have now. Can’t wait to use it!

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