Exciting Weekend!

This is a really exciting time for me. My daughter and family are driving from Charlotte to visit, about a 1000 mile trip. They will be visiting for about a week, so I’ve planned many things for the little boys and me to do together–probably way more than we’ll have time for. I never decorate the tree any more, just wait for them to do it. The ornaments get a little higher each year as they grow taller and taller. This year we’ll have time before Christmas to make some ornaments with cookie cutters and the salt/flour dough that you bake in the oven. Then we’ll paint them. I hope that works out. Kind of scary to think of using paints with 5 and 7 year old boys. One year we used glitter and construction paper. I had glitter around the house for a year.

I also got a Klutz book called Artrageous. If you’re not familiar with Klutz books, they’re great. Each one focuses on an activity with very clear directions and includes all the materials needed for the activities. Last summer we used the potholder one to weave. The boys really enjoyed it.

I hope we will also have time to watch the birds. I’m getting my feeders out for the first time in ages. The finches really look pretty in the winter. I used to keep the feeders filled religiously, but that kind of fell away when I got the current loom. I can no longer see out and watch the birds as well as I could with the previous loom. Yesterday I saw a platform feeder that suctions onto the glass of a window. I may have to get one to try out. It looks kind of like this one, except that it has metal thingies below that help support it.

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