Great Time

It’s amazing how much little boys can mature in six months. Astoundingly, they have showered and gone to bed when told. The older of the two likes to read to his little brother before the lights are turned out. They have been sleeping in their sleeping bags in one big chair–their choice. We’ve done lots of activities while they’ve been here, but what they like most is weaving. Yeah! I am astounded that the 5 year-old understands that each row in paper weaving has to be opposite of the one before it. The older of the two has been weaving on my Baby Wolf, just his size. I let both of them weave on the big Cranbrook–with a little help from Grandma.

Today we drove to visit their great-grandparents. I have a big family, so there’s LOTS of people there. It can definitely be a little overwhelming and very noisy. All the children did a really great job, playing with their much older cousins, their baby 2-year-old cousin, and carefully holding and touching their one-week old cousin. I’m really going to miss them when they leave Saturday, but I’m hoping that I can entice their parents to take a short vacation this summer with my offer of babysitting services.

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