Extreme Dyeing

Various yarns dyed lately, usually 2 skeins of each color. The red one is really than this picture shows. It’s a combination of magenta and scarlet. Doing darks today, hope for overdyeing ikat tomorrow, then orchid and lime on Thursday.

The only positive thing about the weather here lately is that I can catch rainwater. We have had rain almost daily and no sunshine for at least two weeks. It’s getting old, even though I love rain! Under the pecan tree is a veritable forest of toadstools. In the back, there is a tower of some sort of fungus growing up from the ground around a small tree trunk. The first thing I think of when looking at these growths: Is it good for dyeing?

But—the weather has been good for my dyeing. I have planned out my next few projects and possible projects, then made a day-by-day plan for dyeing the yarns. I have been using the same water over and over, filling as needed with rainwater from the buckets under the drips. The only bad part of this method is carrying 5 gallon buckets of water to the dyepots and lifting them. I can never remember how much a gallon of water weighs, but it’s heavy to lift and pour w/o getting it all over you in the chilly air! (It’s much chillier than usual for this time of year—my heat is coming on) By using the water over, I am reducing the amount of citric acid in the dye water each time. The dyes have been exhausting well, leaving water free of color at the end.

Next weekend our guild is having a 3-day workshop with Jennifer Moore called Mathemagical. I am really looking forward to it.

Saturday I did something really, really dumb. While helping my mother with a garage sale, I opened a door (crowded by stuff) right into my face. I broke my glasses and now have to buy a new pair, as the lenses don’t fit anything current that I like. I really like these glasses and so far haven’t found anything else that I like. It’s a blow to vanity and the checkbook! But Gorilla glue is working well in the meantime.

Since the dyeing on takes checking every 1/2 hour or so, I am tying ikat and listening to audio books. Finally learned how to get back to the right place on the iPod. But today I am determined to do some vacuuming, dusting, and bathrooms. One of my least favorite things to do.

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