ZigZigDiamonds Dilemma #1  The piece came off the loom yesterday, and I’m pretty happy with it. My ikat skills are improving, and I should probably tackle the oval/circle. I thought I knew what the next project would be, but now I’m undecided.

Even though it’s raining today, it will be a dye day—many skeins of black. I will also weigh more skeins for a blend of scarlet/magenta dye. The weather forecast calls for rain daily this week, so no matter what (or when), I’m going to get wet! Good weather for catching rainwater, though. Got all the buckets, unused clean garbage cans. Yeah!

Dilemma #2   I have been accepted into the American Craft Show in Atlanta, which presents another dilemma. The show is in March, and I don’t think I can have more than 9 pieces finished by then. Is that enough for a high-dollar show? The most inexpensive booth is $825, then you’ve got to have food, lodging, more display materials, and transportation. The whole project could be pretty expensive. But there is lots of exposure and it would only be necessary to sell one large piece to recoup costs. I’m just not sure 9 pieces is enough. Have to decide by October 21. Hmm…

Dilemma #3   Just how to spell the word dilemma has been, well, a dilemma. I was taught dilemna, but decided to look it up. Seems there is a slight controversy about the spelling, but no N is the more accepted spelling.

2 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Jennifer

    Congrats on the American Craft Council show – I understand the angst of not having enough. Would you have a good representation of you work and would commissions be a possibility? Does that sweeten the pot?

  2. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    That would be one of the pluses of going to the show. I do have a portfolio of all my work gathered in a notebook that I can take. One of my “collectors” suggested that I take her pieces also and mark them sold. I think I can have 10 pieces by March–just wondering if that’s enough. I looked at the list of accepted artists and right below my name is Candiss Cole! I’m thinking I’m way over my head here. But would gain experience.


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