It’s finally over! The month of September was a very busy month. And to celebrate, I had a colonoscopy yesterday, October 1. Gotta tell you, that sleep stuff was pretty good! I asked what it was—propanol, of MJ fame. Everything was good and I don’t have to suffer through that prep for another 10 years! Came home and slept the rest of the day away. Perfect rainy weather for it. Today it’s back to normal: weave, go to grocery store, deliver Mostly to its new owner. 

I should be able to finish the piece that’s on the loom by tomorrow, except that I’m thinking of going to a guild meeting in a town about an hour away. The program sounds interesting—Japanese fabric. Anyway, after finishing the current piece, I have another ikat piece planned. This one will have an oval so that I can continue to test my math/ikat skills for enlarging designs. Then I may experiment with making two smaller pieces at the same time. The issue will be whether I’ve got the brain capacity for that…hmmm.

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