Ancient Weaving


The Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC has a really good pre-Columbian collection. In the midst of the collection are these two items. They are from the North Coast AncientWeaving2of Chile, dated 600-800 AD. The following is a quote from the identifying card with the exhibit: The workbasket contains the tools of an accomplished weaver: yarn, thread, spindles,  and whorls, needles, and a miniature loom. It also has two cactus stalks, both with colored thread wrapped around them, and one packed with needles. The basket itself was painted with cross motifs. In the Andes, weaving was a female activity, and such workbaskets were burned with master weavers.

My daughter, grandsons and I enjoyed our visit to the museum. She and the children have been going to the family special Saturdays. The next one will be on making masks to coincide with the current exhibit below. Much of the student artwork is displayed on the first floor behind the lobby.


Passionate Journey: The Grice Collection of Native American Art

One of the current exhibits at the Mint. I especially wanted to see the masks, but the pottery and baskets were also excellent. Of course, I always look at the design on items with the view of perhaps incorporating a design element into my weaving in some way.

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