Running in place… and technology

That’s what I seem to be doing right now. A million things that need doing, but not getting done. I really must cut the grass after all the rain we’ve been getting, but it’s raining again. We’ve had a wonderful thunderstorm for the last couple of hours. The lights flickered, but thankfully stayed on. Maybe it’ll be dry enough by tomorrow afternoon to get at least part of the grass cut.

Today was spent redoing my phone settings. Not the whole day of course, but it does take time. The ring on this phone has always been extremely quiet, but I thought maybe I just hadn’t figured out the right place to correct it. On the way to my final appointment for the root canal, I stopped at the ATT store. With the ambient noise in the store, no one could hear my phone ring, so off to the repair place I went. Even the repair person was shocked at the low ring, so I now have a new phone. Thank goodness I had synced it with the computer right after we got back from Philly. But I still had to get rid of all the notifications for email messages, organize the apps that I use regularly, etc.

There was another technology fiasco today. I was listening to an audio book on the iPod, hit the wrong button, and then could not figure out how to get to the spot where I was in the book. This is just total inexperience on my part. Later in the afternoon, I figured out how to fast forward a few “pages” instead of a whole chapter. What I need is a 12-year-old around here!

2 thoughts on “Running in place… and technology

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    You’re right. I hadn’t thought about how much experience they already have. I have much time in between iPod uses–plenty of time to forget what I learned the last time. At any rate, I spent a couple of hours listening and weaving today. It was great. Love those Bluetooth headphones, too. Nothing IN my ear!


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