Faxing, Copying, etc

Darn! I got so involved in my to do list, I forgot to watch the inauguration. I really wanted to see it. Guess I’ll have to watch a video. Double darn! Does that equal a damn?

This morning:

I am so excited! I can receive faxes! G got me a wireless all-in-one HP printer for Christmas, and it’s finally set up along with the desktop–a must have after the Great Computer Fiasco. The computer couldn’t find the printer in the wireless network, so I had to go into the website for my ATT and find the IP address. Then I could print from anywhere in the house, via the laptop, and in the office via the desktop. This morning I tested the fax, and it works!

I had two dye pots going this morning and washed six skeins of previously dyed yarn. I was afraid the colors weren’t going to be right, but now I think they’ll be okay. They’re close to the samples in the Color-aid papers, but the true test will be when I take them to the customer’s house for her approval. You know, the light is everything. A friend took a small piece to her house to see if it would go in her den. She didn’t think so, but then she moved it to another wall, and the colors totally changed. Looks good there.

This is a computer generated design of what I’m going to work on next–the one on the top left. The squares will be shades of brown, from a creamy color to caramel to chocolate. The background will be charcoal.

I’ve also got the purple ikat blocking. So far, a productive day (except for NOT watching the inauguration). Wish I could solve the ikat weaving part so that blocking wouldn’t be necessary. I don’t block anything else, so it’s irritating.

This Evening

Discovered how to transfer files from one computer to the other w/o moving anything but my hand. Pretty exciting stuff! So now my documents are on two computers. Pretty sure I’m going to have to reconstruct my database files in eArtist, but at least I did keep names in both Outlook and eArtist. It’s the reconstructing of individual pieces and their new homes that will be the difficult part. Another lesson learned–even though the hard drive backs up on the external drive, some programs have to be backed up individually in order to access the files. Yuck!

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