To Do List

A picture of the piece I recently took off the loom, with its warp ends woven in. The colors aren’t accurate. I was wrong; that IS orange before the yellows start. Funny what you see when you start doing the finishing. They are all shades of red below the ikat part. After the reds come shades of gold-y yellow. You can see the warp ends here.

The numbered list below is what I originally started out with, but I decided it sounds too much like whining. So, here’s what I actually got done today:

  • yarn store to check out fixtures (and yarns, of course)
  • box for box tapestry weaving
  • tray to put into mailbox (postman puts mail way in back where it’s hard to get out)
  • nap
  • started on printer, but had to walk away in frustration–will finish tonight (I just finished with the printer installation for one computer. Hope to get the other one to find the wireless printer tomorrow.)
  • worked on paper weaving to use for letters to boys

Here’s my to do list for the week. Ridiculous. I know the list won’t get completed, but I still keep adding to it. Maybe a few lines will be drawn through items by the end of the week.

  1. Finish dyeing 5 colors of wool, plus charcoal.
  2. Weekly housework
  3. Laundry
  4. Whiteboard for Gary-finished
  5. Letters to the boys-finished
  6. Arrange for new roof date
  7. Block purple ikat-finished
  8. Hang pieces at Stage West-postponed by them
  9. Set up home network with new desktop, laptop, printer-finished
  10. Plant onions
  11. Fill bird feeders
  12. Plan menus-finished
  13. More needle weaving
  14. Visit parents
  15. Yarn store closing-check out fixtures-finished
  16. Call about insurance on work that’s hanging in a show
  17. Call about intermittent merchant credit card processing
  18. Join American Craft Council-finished
  19. Design–I’m feeling a really strong urge to deisgn–why I don’t know since I have a commission piece to finish.
  20. 4x4x5 box for box tapestry-finished
  21. Change oil in car, or rather, have it done!finished

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