Focus! Focus! Focus!

This is what I tell myself right now, but I don’t seem to be listening. After a week with house guests (daughter, husband, two boys), I have been on the run doing all kinds of errands and getting caught up. Still all that extra laundry has not washed itself! About the time I think I know what I’m going to weave next, indecision sets in. I did go to FedEx Office and have enlargements made, so that’s a start. Now to actually get into the studio, clean up all the yarns from the last project, and get started.

I have also been making a list of, gee, I hate to say goals, but I guess they are–at least things I want to accomplish in the coming year. Gardening is one of those things, and that means getting back to composting. I feel guilty every time I throw scraps away. Got caught up in an article in NYTimes about composting, then followed a couple of links. One led to the above picture. Felt bowls! There were also some pretty cool light fixtures, but I didn’t go down that rabbit hole.

Another rabbit hole might be exploring A Handful of Salt, a blog about design, craft, etc. They have now published a print edition (above). Do you see the w word?



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