Getting excited!

For the first time in what seems like a long time, I am excited about the coming year. Not about resolutions (I gave those up long ago), or words of the year (nothing every really seems right), but because of what I have accomplished this past year. Back in the spring I made a dump list of everything I wanted to do around the house, organized room by room. I have completed half of the chores on the list! It feels so good to draw lines through those tasks. The areas that have been reorganized are staying organized. Yippee!

There are no weaving/tapestry to-dos on the list, and 2012 has not been a stellar year for me and weaving. Which brings me to what I’m excited about. I am really looking forward to weaving more, doing some new designs, trying new things, looking for new outlets. That doesn’t mean that the original dump list is going to be ignored. There are outside things that simply must get done. I’m hoping that gardening will be my friend again. So, here’s to 2013! Let’s make the best of it! Enjoy! And for me, simplify.

2 thoughts on “Getting excited!

  1. Melinda

    HOORAY!!! This makes me SO happy. I know you’ll be able to strike a balance between weaving, simplifying/organizing and gardening. Cheers to you and a fabulous 2013, Sherri!

    1. Sherri

      Thanks, Melinda. It does feel good to cross those things off the list. And I didn’t even count stuff not on the list! And you got me off to a good start. And it’s encouraging that those things are still functioning as they should.


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