Fourth time the charm?

Had yet another root canal on the same tooth, this time by a specialist. Won’t go into details about infection (they’re not pretty), but so far, it’s feeling better. Without whining too, too much, this has been dragging on for a month. But who’s counting? Okay, done with that!

Have kind of stopped on the weaving for now, but not being idle. Doing finish work on pieces for the guild show and sale, in between naps demanded by the pain meds. I may even go ahead and do the wrappers, labels, etc.—ahead of time! I think I’ve worked out the mathematical details for a new ikat piece. That math part’s a killer for me. I plan for my mouth to be pretty much normal again in a day or two. Next week should be great for weaving. I have several books on CD checked out from the library. I love to read, and these recorded books kind of seem to help with that desire, and I can still make progress on my weaving.

I’ve also been uploading new pictures onto the guild website. There are a few new ones added that are interesting. One, The Letter, by Camille DeSalme, is tapestry. Look at the Fiesta Ware Jacket by Evaline Wright. There’s a bag on the first row of the gallery that is woven of plastic bags by Amy Horrey. Wish you could see the lining that she used. I am so glad that members are sending me pics. It’s a wonderfully diverse group. A great guild.

Also interesting is this PDF of the work of James Bassler. I saw the single-page article in the American Craft Magazine, but forgot to do further research. Thanks, Jennifer, for reminding me.

One thought on “Fourth time the charm?

  1. Jennifer

    I am sorry to hear about the root canal! Hope you are on the healing side of this. The guild pieces are great – I do like “The Letter” especially.


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