Necessity, improvising, etc.

I’m starting a new ikat project today. It’s narrower than what I’ve done previously, so I have had to cut some new boards to use as spacers between the ikat peg boaIkatBoardPiecedrds. Then there is the problem of where to attach the C-clamps. I hope the solution works. I have used a couple of smaller boards to reach the side of the table where the C-clamp can be attached. The arrows show where the clamps are, however, the one on the bottom is partially hidden by the cameral strap. The second picture, with the red arrows, shows the same thing, just more of a bird’s eye view.IkatBoardBird'sEye

As you can see, this portion of the cartoon is zigzags. I seem to go back to zigzags quite frequently—don’t know what that means–but the goal is to measure the yarn in smaller increments (1/8 inch segments, based on weaving at 24 picks per inch). Theoretically, the angles of the zigzags should look fairly smooth and not stair-steppy. This may be equal to 3 inches woven in the finished piece, since there is much compression in the weaving process. It all depends on my mathematical computations, always a scary prospect. There are two more sections of diamonds. Lots of practice with angles here! Because I am using undyed yarn, the ikat-tying portions should be fairly simple. Famous last words?





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