Ikat board problems

Best laid plans and all that … The ikat boards popped up when the pressure of measuring began. Had to put an extra C-clamp on the front where it interferes with my drawer access. Looked for larger clamps, but when you go larger, you really go LARGER! Went Woodcraft and found some different types to try. Ended up buying a toggle clamp, something I’ve never seen before. Going into that store makes me want to do woodworking. Wow! I may just have to break down and cut the plywood “tabletop” but I don’t want to because I’m not so good with straight lines and a saw. A work in progress.

I’ve done the weekly quick run-through of housework, laundry is being processed, and now it’s time to work on the ikat tying.

I’ve slipped into the habit of sleeping until ?  Think it’s time to start with the alarm again and try to have more regular hours. So, this AM, I had the alarm set for 6:30, but what time did I finally raise my body to sit on the side of the bed? 7:20! This from someone who used to get up at 5:30 every day! Hmmm… Well, another work in progress, right?

2 thoughts on “Ikat board problems

  1. Sherri Woodard Coffey

    I used to have a radial arm saw during a remodeling phase…loved it! With that, I could saw a straight line. Also received one of the first Black and Decker workbenches ever made. Definitely a help, but with stuff that has to be set up for each 5 minute activity, can’t work up much enthusiasm. Love old hardware stores too. Wonder what it is?


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