From soggy North Texas


Yes, soggy. As is my steps sound like I’m walking in a bog when I go outside. The sun has been a rare event here, and as you can see (thanks to Accuweather), won’t be around much until June. Yet, I’m still reluctant to complain since we’ve been in a drought, and the rains will end. In August I will be wishing for rain.


So, what’s been going on during this perfect weaving weather? Not much. A bit of weaving here, a bit of unweaving there. I’m very unfocused right now. The Fort Worth Weavers Guild has a rug study weaving group, for which I am the mentor–how weird is that? We have a Facebook page where we post pictures, questions, resources, and messages for help. Trying to explain dovetail joins and what the weft does on the return trip, has made me admire anyone who can write articles or a book on how to do something. Words are hard!                         1 2

I have gone down a couple of rabbit holes also. You know, those computer research projects that lead into something else that leads into something else, and so on.


One was seeing Kay Sekimachi’s work again. I’ve written about her before, and I am still fascinated by her work.

This picture was on Colossal, which in turn came from My Modern Met. How did she do that? I really would like to know. There is an exhibit of her work at the Bellevue Arts Museum. *** By the way, Colossal has so many interesting art articles it’s worth a weekly visit.

If any of these pictures look familiar, it’s because they came from my Instagram account (user name sherriwcoffey).

More rabbit holes later. I really am going to weave today, I really am going to weave today, I really am going to weave today …

***(In the Realm of Nature: Bob Stocksdale & Kay Sekimachi is organized by Mingei International Museum, San Diego, California. The local presentation of this exhibition is curated by Stefano Catalani.-See more at:



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