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Yarn shelves in the studio

According to rainfall charts, our previous highest rainfall total was in 1982 with 13.66 inches. We have now surpassed that and have over 14 inches, and the month of may is not over. Wettest May on record. From drought to flooding. Wichita Falls previously had no water in its lake, only cracked soil. It is now above level. Water everywhere. Squishy yard.  As one who usually enjoys rainy, cloudy days, the weather is now affecting my mind. Sunshine is reason to go outside and dance!

My grand plan to work outside has been hampered, even though really difficult weeds pull up easily from the saturated soil. Of course, before tackling those tall weeds, I first poke around with a rake because this weather has flooded out usually hidden critters. Like snakes.

So I have been weaving (halfway finished with the big loom project) and getting slightly frustrated with my yarn storage solution. I already had these locker baskets when I bought the shelves. I had the baskets hanging from picture hooks close to the ceiling all around the studio, and others on makeshift shelves. I decided to consolidate all of these baskets. The problem is that the baskets are slightly too wide to put four on a shelf. Hence, the frustration when I try to pull out a basket. Time for a trip to the Container Store, pretty much my favorite place ever. You can see the red line of the first basket I checked out. I would need to buy lots of those or the black boxes in the pic below. One is see through (an advantage) and one has a lid (an advantage).

At this point, instead of spending money, I may just reduce the wire baskets to three per shelf, hang the extras back on the wall, and be done with it. See what an exciting life this is?



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