Frontier Days Rodeo time


Photo credit

I love this picture posted on Facebook. Wish I had taken it, but I can’t take the credit. The credit link is below the picture. When it’s rodeo time in Weatherford, Texas, horses take precedence, as seen here “parked” at the Sonic Drive-in. Below is a picture of the Posse at the Fort Worth Stock Show in 2008.


My father was a member for many, many years, and it was somehow comforting when many of the members came to his funeral dressed in their “uniform” of white shirt and string tie.image

The boys and I baked a chocolate cake for their Great-grandmother (my mother), Dannie Woodard. They wanted to put Lego characters on the cake, but I vetoed that idea. Since there were no birthday candles in the house, we used one big candle and sang “happy birthday” before finishing off the cake. I have a large family, thank goodness, so there was no cake to bring home. Both the boys loved having a pool party with their cousins-whatever-removed before the birthday celebration.

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