Busy time


My grandsons flew in from Charlotte on Tuesday, flying for the first time by themselves. I envisioned them wandering around the huge airport as we tried to find each other, but, or course, that never happened. The “receiver” of the children gets a boarding pass to go through security and then is able to collect unaccompanied children at the gate, after showing ID (again) and signing papers. They really do take care of that precious cargo!

Spending time with children makes for busy-ness. After going to the Parker County Sherriff’s Posse rodeo on Wednesday night, we trekked on Thursday to Grapevine for Legoland. In case you’re out of the loop with what young boys like, Legos are IT! Above are two pictures of the city made from Legos, actually pretty amazing. The one on top was taken at “night.” We saw a 4-D movie. I learned that 4-D means that the 3-D effects are enhanced by things that the audience can feel, like wind swooshing as a skier goes by, and by actual snowflakes falling. Pretty neat! Believe me when I say that Legoland is full of lots of children.

Not much weaving or dyeing happening right now. Today we will be baking a cake for the upcoming birthday of the children’s soon-to-be 85 great-grandmother. Am hoping for more dyeing next week. They want to watch, but it will only be for the first part. I do not want little boys around big, hot pots of simmering water.

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