My choice of reading material is not exactly literary. I prefer mysteries (or, as they sometimes call them, thrillers). It used to embarrass me that this was my favorite genre, but I heard an interview once with a man who is considered by most of the world to be very intellectual (can’t remember who). He stated that his favorite reading is mysteries. With that I decided that I know longer have to hide my book choices!

I often choose books based on the setting, usually a place I’ve visited or want to visit. I am astounded sometimes by the extraneous and eclectic information one can get from books, probably gathered by a professional researcher. I never even knew there was such a profession until listening to an NPR radio program. I immediately knew that’s the career I should of chosen (had I known it existed). I was one of those people who loved the research papers in college. I know—sick!image Recently I picked up a copy of The Silenced by Brett Battles. I was hooked immediately, even though the career choice of the main character is not exactly one we would wish for our children. Quinn is a “cleaner.” That means that he disposes of bodies that would be, if found, inconvenient for governments and various agencies. I have now started reading the first in the series, something else I do—read all the books by a certain author in order.

There is another series with a likeable character and lots of extra information to boot. Those are the John Dunning books about old, valuable books, featuring the main character of Cliff Janeway. Sometimes the only problem is that new books are slow in coming. Can’t these folks write any faster!


Mentioned before here is a blog about books: On a Clear Day I Can Read Forever. There might be some suggestions for future reading material there.

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