Goals and the to-do list

in-progress Struggling with goals and being accountable has been a problem the last couple of years, so I have decided to take a Master class with Lisa Call. I have some goals that I want to accomplish, but feel frustrated with breaking those down into small bites. Overwhelming! One of those goals is a certain number of finished pieces by April 30. I can get in the studio hours to finish, but everything else falls to the wayside.

One of the things that I knew needed work on, in addition to the everyday stuff, is being able to critique art—my own mostly, but it applies to all art. Well, only the art that I like! I need to know what is in the art that makes me like it. Turns out that critiquing art is a component of this class.


Just throwing the shuttle until it’s finished. Cut it off Tuesday.

From the goals that I have, I make a weekly to do list. This is where things start falling apart for me. They include studio time, yard work/summer exercise program, designing, dyeing, and socializing. Each week those vary, according to what’s going on. For the studio, it’s mainly logging in the hours weaving, and being the nerd that I am, I made a spreadsheet with increments of 15 minutes. Writing it down in a notebook just wasn’t working. I am fairly liberal with what I call studio time, though—finishing work, dyeing, designing. This other stuff like writing falls under another category, although I don’t know what to call it. Here’s what my lists have looked like for the last couple of weeks.

This week—July  12-18

Finish piece on loom

–Clean studio

–Do finish work on two pieces (not my favorite thing to do)

Clean off table, sort and put away stuff currently on table—required for the above

–Begin dyeing yarns for next piece

  • Plan colors
  • Weigh yarns
  • Print spreadsheet with formulas for each batch
  • Set alarm
  • 3 hours yard work
  • Extras:  –Design

Last week—July 5-11

  • 25 hours in the studio Yep, did it!
  • Get ready for guild sale on SaturdayDone
  • Go to docent tour of Wari exhibit (this is my socializing “chore.”)—Going next Tuesday.  Will have to work really hard to not back out.
  • 1 hour of doing yard work 3 times—Only did one hour. I have to get up really early because it’s so hot right now, so setting alarm is on my to do list for next week.

I did get more socializing in this week—visited with friends.

Two things on my list are causing angst: yard work and socializing. The yard part I understand, but the socializing? Frankly, I am pretty content to stay at home and do what I do. When it comes to getting out the door, which involves dressing appropriately, well, I’d just rather not. But I’m working on it! And besides, it rained this week. Obviously too wet now.

Yesterrday I planned to new set of yarns that I’m going to start dyeing–grouping the skeins by weight and assigning colors to each group. This afternoon will be spent on finish work, not one of my favorites, but I’m grateful to have some pieces that need finishing! Studio time to log in. Yeah!

Next week? Finally get out in the yard? Cut brush? Haul it away? Stay tuned…

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