Well, darn!

Wari magnet

Wari magnet

As today is the 22nd, I am already behind, knocked out by a summer cold or allergies, can’t tell for sure. Better now, but it sure affected my bottom line, task-wise. Mainly only a yucky cough left.

First, last week’s to-do list, and it’s not too bad overall.

July 12-18-I knew this list was too ambitious

  • –Finish piece on loomDone
  • –Clean studio
  • –Do finish work on two pieces (not my favorite thing to do)–Started
  • Clean off table, sort and put away stuff currently on table—required for the above
  • –Begin dyeing yarns for next piece
  • ·         Plan colors
  • ·         Weigh yarns
  • ·         Print spreadsheet with formulas for each batch
  • –Set alarm—didn’t need to, just started waking up earlier
  • –3 hours yard work—only 1 hour
  • Extras:
  • –Design—worked a little on designs
    –Socializing—visited with friends
    One thing that was not on my list except in my head—plan menus and actually cook—Done!

July 19-25 This week I have some family obligations, so I’m not sure about my list, but here it is. And my lists start on Friday, contrary to the calendar, but that means I have already lost two days with the darn cold. AND I plan to get back down to the Wari exhibit one day this week.

  • –Clean Studio—2 half-days
  • –Continue finish work-One piece down, 2 more to go. Then there will be the steaming. Finishing
  • –Dyeing
  • –Wash yarns-Obviously this should be ahead of dyeing.
  • –Clean dye pots
  • –Yard work—maybe I’ll just aim for 2 hours???  A gradual improvement :))
  • –Continue gratitude journal


  • –Decide on next piece and tie on warp
  • –Put the drafting desk together so I can stand to do some chores (dreading this one–you know, some assembly required)

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