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My book

Wari and pre-Columbian designs from what is now Peru have long been an interest of mine, so the Friday workshop at the Kimbell was greatly anticipated.

A few of the tables set up for work.

A few of the tables set up for work.

Here is a quote about the workshop:

Up-close examinations of intricate Wari textiles and other luxury goods from ancient  Peru will direct our hands-on exploration of color, repetition, and alternation in symbolic patterns. Offered in conjunction with the exhibition Wari: Lords of the Andes. (The highlighting is mine.)

That is exactly what we did. After a brief introduction of the program, the docents led groups of “students” to particular items, with an emphasis on textiles. I wish I could post pictures about the exhibit, but I will have to post links instead and pictures of my book. (I’ll explain why no pictures at a later date.)

What I wish is that everyone could see how fine the tapestries are. The yarns used must be absolutely tiny! And of course, they were spun with a drop spindle. The other observation about the weaving is how the pattern bands line up perfectly, even though they must have been woven at different times and probably by different weavers. I have Catalog-page trouble with that when the weaving must be symmetrical. The colors are still beautiful even though natural dyes such as cochineal are used.

Here is a link to the Kimbell page about the exhibit. At the top of the page there is a slide show of a few of the pieces. Of interest to us fiber people are the two right and left stationary pictures. That brightly colored piece is really quite large in the exhibit, It is woven in about 6 inch squares, then tie-dyed. Yes, tie-dyed! After the dyeing, it is put back together to form the whole. Here is a picture from my catalog.

From my book

From my book

In order to understand more about the patterns and color repetition, I am going to have to read the catalogue, in which there are drawings to help explain more about the symbols and patterns.


Well, darn!

Wari magnet

Wari magnet

As today is the 22nd, I am already behind, knocked out by a summer cold or allergies, can’t tell for sure. Better now, but it sure affected my bottom line, task-wise. Mainly only a yucky cough left.

First, last week’s to-do list, and it’s not too bad overall.

July 12-18-I knew this list was too ambitious

  • –Finish piece on loomDone
  • –Clean studio
  • –Do finish work on two pieces (not my favorite thing to do)–Started
  • Clean off table, sort and put away stuff currently on table—required for the above
  • –Begin dyeing yarns for next piece
  • ·         Plan colors
  • ·         Weigh yarns
  • ·         Print spreadsheet with formulas for each batch
  • –Set alarm—didn’t need to, just started waking up earlier
  • –3 hours yard work—only 1 hour
  • Extras:
  • –Design—worked a little on designs
    –Socializing—visited with friends
    One thing that was not on my list except in my head—plan menus and actually cook—Done!

July 19-25 This week I have some family obligations, so I’m not sure about my list, but here it is. And my lists start on Friday, contrary to the calendar, but that means I have already lost two days with the darn cold. AND I plan to get back down to the Wari exhibit one day this week.

  • –Clean Studio—2 half-days
  • –Continue finish work-One piece down, 2 more to go. Then there will be the steaming. Finishing
  • –Dyeing
  • –Wash yarns-Obviously this should be ahead of dyeing.
  • –Clean dye pots
  • –Yard work—maybe I’ll just aim for 2 hours???  A gradual improvement :))
  • –Continue gratitude journal


  • –Decide on next piece and tie on warp
  • –Put the drafting desk together so I can stand to do some chores (dreading this one–you know, some assembly required)